Resolution – March 9, 2015 – Authorizing Grant Application Cost Sharing Program


A special meeting of the Sullivan County Funding Corporation (“SCFC”) was convened in public session at the Sullivan County Government Center, 100 North Street, Village of Monticello, Sullivan County, New York on March 9, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. local time.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ira Steingart, and, upon roll being called, the following members of the Agency were:

PRESENT                   ABSENT

Ira Steingart                            [   √     ]                       [          ]

Edward T. Sykes                     [   √     ]                       [          ]

Suzanne Loughlin                   [          ]                       [   √     ]

Charles Barbuti, Jr.                [   √     ]                       [          ]

Sandy Shaddock                     [   √     ]                       [          ]

Sean Rieber                             [   √     ]                       [          ]

Howard Siegel                        [   √     ]                       [           ]

Carol Roig                               [   √     ]                       [           ]

Paul Guenther                        [   √     ]                       [           ]

The following persons were also present:

Steve White, Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer C.S. Brylinski, Agency Executive Director
Jennifer M. Flad, Agency Vice-President of Government Affairs and
Business Development
Walter F. Garigliano, Agency General Counsel

The following resolution was duly offered by Chairman Ira Steingart, and seconded by Howard Siegel, to wit:

Resolution No. 01 – 15


WHEREAS, Scott Samuelson, Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature and Ira Steingart, Chairman of the Legislature’s Community and Economic Development Committee, the County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency (“Agency”) and SCFC have requested the collaboration of the Sullivan County Planning & Environmental Management Department, the Agency, SCFC, The Partnership for Economic Development in Sullivan County, Inc., the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce and the Sullivan County Visitors Association in assisting businesses with New York Consolidated Funding Applications (“CFA”) and other Federal and New York funding sources; and

WHEREAS, it is apparent that one of the impediments to preparing competitive applications is the cost thereof; and

WHEREAS, on or about March 20, 2015, SCFC will receive a $100,000 payment from the Millennium Pipeline Project (“2015 MP Payment”); and

WHEREAS, SCFC believes the most impactful use of the 2015 MP Payment would be to provide financial assistance to prospective grant applicants.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Sullivan County Funding Corporation as follows:

Section 1.        SCFC hereby establishes a dedicated sub account to be funded with the 2015 MP Payment to be known as the SCFC 2015 Grant Application Cost Sharing Fund.

Section 2.        SCFC hereby authorizes Chairman Steingart to appoint an ad hoc committee including no less than two (2) SCFC board members to administer the 2015 Grant Application Cost Sharing Fund which Committee shall have the sole discretion to determine which applications qualify for cost sharing.

Section 3.        The maximum percentage of cost sharing to be funded from the 2015 Grant Application Cost Sharing Fund shall not exceed seventy-five (75%) percent of the cost of grant applications prepared for the benefit of revitalization of a community or part thereof.

Section 4.        The maximum percentage of cost sharing to be funded from the 2015 Grant Application Cost Sharing Fund shall not exceed fifty (50%) percent for all other applications.

Section 5. This resolution shall take effect immediately.

Ira Steingart                     [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Edward T. Sykes              [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Suzanne Loughlin           [     ] Yes         [    ] No      [ √ ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Charles Barbuti, Jr.        [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Sandy Shaddock              [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Sean Rieber                      [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Howard Siegel                 [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Carol Roig                         [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

Paul Guenther                  [ √ ] Yes         [   ] No       [   ] Absent       [   ] Abstain

The Resolutions were thereupon duly adopted.

STATE OF NEW YORK                   )


COUNTY OF SULLIVAN               )

I, the undersigned (Assistant) Secretary of the Sullivan County Funding Corporation, DO HEREBY CERTIFY:

That I have compared the annexed extract of the minutes of the meeting of the Sullivan County Funding Corporation (the “Corporation”), including the resolutions contained therein, held on March 9, 2015, with the original thereof on file in my office, and that the same is a true and correct copy of the proceedings of the Corporation and of such resolutions set forth therein and of the whole of said original insofar as the same related to the subject matters therein referred to.

I FURTHER CERTIFY that public notice of the time and place of said meeting was duly given in accordance with Article 7 of the New York Public Officers Law, that all members of the Corporation had due notice of the meeting and that the meeting was in all respects duly held.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand on this 9th day of March, 2015.

______________________________                                                                       Secretary



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